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August 08 2017

August 07 2017


I remember first learning that you can cry from any emotion, that emotions are chemical levels in your brain and your body is constantly trying to maintain equilibrium. so if one emotion sky rockets, that chemical becomes flagged and signals the tear duct to open as an exit to release that emotion packaged neatly within a tear. Everything made sense after learning that. That sudden stability of your emotions after crying. How crying is often accompanied by the inability to feel any other emotion in that precise moment. And it is especially beautiful knowing that it is even possible to experience so much beauty or love or happiness that your body literally can’t hold on to all of it. So what I’ve learned is that crying signifies that you are feeling as much as humanely possible and that is living to the fullest extent. So keep feeling and cry often and as much as needed

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doodled some cats laying in glass bowls as practice for somethin I wanted to offer

all references


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Not to be nsfw but like can I just hold hands with someone


ways to make carrie fisher proud 

  • age without apologies 
  • don’t apologize for mental illness
  • make mental illness okay
  • fight dictators and evil empires
  • never apologize for being you
  • be fierce 
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“Mean girls. 1895”

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the fight is harder each year.

gotta keep going because nothing ever stops.

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I drew this earlier this year for a (now canceled) zine about growing up with the internet; I was thinking about those old pixely doll maker websites that were really popular for a while!

the plan was for zine proceeds to be donated to Fierce NYC, an organization that is “building the leadership and power of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) youth of color in New York City.” I hope you’ll check em out!!

“Mother,” I slowly repeated in Korean. “I am not a boy. I am a girl. I am transgender.” My face reddened, and tears blurred my vision. I braced myself for her rejection and the end to a relationship that had only begun.

Silence again filled the room. I searched my mother’s eyes for any signs of shock, disgust or sadness. But a serene expression lined her face as she sat with ease on the couch. I started to worry that my words had been lost in translation. Then my mother began to speak.

“Mommy knew,” she said calmly through my friend, who looked just as dumbfounded as I was by her response. “I was waiting for you to tell me.”

“What? How?”

“Birth dream,” my mother replied. In Korea some pregnant women still believe that dreams offer a hint about the gender of their unborn child. “I had dreams for each of your siblings, but I had no dream for you. Your gender was always a mystery to me.”

I wanted to reply but didn’t know where to begin. My mother instead continued to speak for both of us. “Hyun-gi,” she said, stroking my head. “You are beautiful and precious. I thought I gave birth to a son, but it is OK. I have a daughter instead.”

Andy Marra, The Beautiful Daughter: How My Korean Mother Gave Me the Courage to Transition (via a-witches-brew)


it bothers me a lot that mainstream feminism latched onto the bechdel test to such a degree that its since lost its original intentions of discussing the alienation of lesbians in media

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Step 1: Look at the Price.

Step 2: Look in the Trash

because there can be a store like this full of food and people on the same block starving because they don’t have enough pieces of paper to trade for it.

because the people who planted, maintained, harvested, and inspected all that produce are compensated barely enough to sustain themselves

because in order to drive down the prices of bananas, the us government and american fruit corporations destroyed the democratically elected leftist governments of numerous central american countries, placing murderous despots at the head of these “banana republics”.

because the scars of these crimes against humanity still haunt millions to this day.

People who are in favour of capitalism either don’t understand capitalism or consciously, directly benefit from the exploitation and oppression of millions of people.

But yay, you can buy fruit out of season.

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Tatoeurs, Tatoués

Exhibition - Musée de Quai Branly

1. The last tattooed Kalinga woman, Philippines, 2011. © Jake Verzosa, artist’s private collection.

2. Women wearing tattoos and costumes. Photographer: anonymous. © CORBIS pour Bettmann.

3. Maras portrait, 2006 © Serie Maras, 2006. Isabel Muñoz.

4. & 5. Traditional Japanese tattoo © Photo: Tatttooinjapan.com / Martin Hladik.

6. Flottenbesuch in Hamburg 1966. Photo: Schwarz-Weiß © Courtesy Herbert Hoffmann and Galerie Gebr. Lehmann Dresden/Berlin.

7. Portrait of an Algerian woman, Algeria, 1960. © Marc Garanger, artist’s private collection.

8. Poster of the anthropological exhibition: “Tatoueurs, tatoués” from 6th May 2014 until 18th Octobre 2015 © Musée du quai Branly.

9. Images from the ‘Recueil Lacassagne’, 1920-1940 © Gdalessandro/ENSP.

10. Artoria Circus Lady - Painting by Titine Leu, 2000

“Artoria Circus Lady” tattooed by her husband R. Gibbons, 1921-1924.

Acrylic on canvas, 200 cm x 150 cm.

Leu family’s private collection.

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August 06 2017


hey its me, your local burden,

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