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October 06 2017

Shit my wife has said to our cat part 2


- Hello my angel, my very most special piece of shit.

- I have several questions: Where the fuck did you come from? Why the fuck are you here? And, that’s it. 

- I cannot love you in the way you want, you spooning bastard.

- Is your flesh made of pain? If that’s true, why do you demand to inflict it??

- You could be the mother of darkness. You open your mouth and scream and that is what ushers in the darkness.

- If we had a saintly cat in this household, she wouldn’t fit in.

- I pet another cat. It was amazing, Miss Kitty. It was untouched by your evil.

- (Cat: gets sick) I never thought you mortal enough for a cold, Miss Kitty. I thought you ethereal, but not in a heavenly sort of way.

- (Cat: sneezes) Get the bad spirits out, Miss Kitty. Those are just the demons.

- You know what you are Miss Kitty? A nuisance. And a pixie. Who eats newborns. That’s how you get your gold. Where’s your gold, you little shit? 

-Lay down! Collapse your legs and put your body on the bed, you little monster!

- I’m arguing with you because you don’t have a brain. You have a festering cesspool of intentions. And I love you so goddamned much.

- You’ve got whiskers like livewire, hot stuff.

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MOODS exhibition series 2017

Photography by Aris Jerome

Prints available

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October 05 2017

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Elegance and emotion from GG’s I’m Not Here coming in September. 

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for all the posts i make about The Straights™ please remember that on-screen romances for people of color, particularly for women, are severely lacking and underrepresented. people of color deserve to have just as many epic love stories told, deserve to have stories that confirm how worthy they are of being admired and loved and swept away too, whether it’s between two straight ppl or not


indie band name generator:

your favourite fruit + the last reason you took painkillers





Seals are SO so fat.


as a soon to be marine biologist i must agree that they ARE and it is AMAZING

1 Out Of 1 Experts Agree



Some of you really deserve to be called the F word.

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The original Broadway production of Spring Awakening opened at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre on December 10, 2006

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Vera Rubin discovered the best proof of dark matter, giving us a better understanding of our universe. Illustration from my book Women in Science!#womeninscience #womeninastronomy

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the most legendary lyric of my generation tbh

reblog this in 3008

i’m prepared.


This will be so terrifying when in 3008 if Tumblr is still tumblin all these dead blogs just suddenly post the same thing


A memorial to all the webcomics we’ve stumbled upon and archive-binged at three in the morning, and will never know the endings to because we can’t remember what they were called.

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This is true. The director of Jeepers Creepers 3, Victor Salva, is a convicted child molester. He sexually assaulted a child while on the set of a movie he directed back in the 90s. He filmed the assault and was also charged with possession of child pornography. Don’t support this movie or give it a cent of your money. It’s already hard enough for sexual assault victims to come out with what happened, especially if their abuser has a lot of power and money. Don’t add on to the trend of forgiving celebrity rapists. STOP GIVING THESE MEN FREE PASSES. 

October 04 2017

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And when I shall die, take him and cut him up in little stars, and he will make the face of heaven so fine that all the world will fall in love with night and pay no worship to the garish sun.

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I want to die and be born again as a full hobbit.

I think hobbit metabolism work differently than human…

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Inktober 3

“So I just sit in my room after hours with the moon and think of who knows my name” Fine on the Outside - Priscilla Ahn - When Marnie was There


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